Top 9 Best Blenders for Hot Liquids For This Year


Looking for a blender that is specifically designed to make hot liquids? Check out our list of the best blenders for hot liquids.

These appliances have been tested and have proven to be the best options for making hot coffee, soup, and food.

The best blender for hot liquids will have a durable container and a strong motor to blend hot liquids without damage.

Additionally, the blender should have a good build quality so that it can handle being used regularly for hot drinks and food.

Criteria to consider when choosing a hot liquid blender include the type of blender, how durable the container is, how easy it is to use, and how much it costs.

Here are 9 of the best blenders for hot liquids. They range in price and features, so find the right one for you.

The 5 best hot blenders are:  

  1. Vitamix (for hot soups)
  2. Ninja Kitchen System (for hot chocolate and other hot drinks)
  3. NutriBullet  (for hot smoothies)
  4. Cleanblend  (for hot soups)
  5. Breville Hemisphere  (a “one cup” type of machine – good for small batches)

Description of the top 5 best blenders for hot liquids:

1. The Leading Hot Soup Machine – Vitamix

Burman Industries’ blender brand uses a patented blade design to create a hot soup with unmatched efficiency in its ability to blend.

Its vortex spins both the blade and contents into an efficient circular motion that works to liquefy ingredients while removing air pockets that cause the separation of hot liquids.

Though its price tag is high, hot soup lovers claim its superior performance making it well worth the expense.

2. For Hot Chocolate – Ninja

Ninja uses an ounce for ounce approach to the hotness that often results in hot beverages that are just as hot as those made with Vitamix blenders at a fraction of the cost.

The Ninja Kitchen System includes a 72 oz. pitcher and comes with several accessories including single-serve cups and blades perfect for hot drinks, hot soup or steaming hot oatmeal.

3. Hot Smoothie Blender – NutriBullet

This blender’s strength lies in its ability to handle hot smoothie ingredients without scalding them in the process, unlike other blenders on hot hot hot hot hot hot the market.

If you are looking for your hot drink to be perfectly blended, not too hot and still retain its flavor, this is the best blender for hot liquid.

4. Hot Soup Blender – CleanBlend

An American brand with roots in commercial kitchen equipment has entered the blender market with a high-powered machine that excels at blending hot soups into velvety smoothness without scalding ingredients in the process.

For the best soup blending performance, look no further than CleanBlend’s line of blenders available on Amazon.

5. One Cup Blender  – Breville

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender is a personal size 2-7 cup capacity blender that experts agree is best for hot liquids.

The Breville Hemisphere Control Blender is a single-serve blender that does hot hot hot hot hot hot drinks and hot soup really well, but don’t try to make lots of hot drinks or soups at once – you’ll be disappointed.

Description of hot blender manufacturers worth less than the dirt they are sitting on:

1. Oster My Blend

This sub-$20 personal-size blender bottle is advertised as being capable of blending both cold and hot liquids, however, it falls short when used with hot ingredients like steaming hot oatmeal (not what its name implies).

There are better alternatives that blend hotter products, albeit not in one-serving portions.

2. Nutri Ninja Cup

For hot chocolate and hot toddy’s Blend smoothies hot blends directly in this 20 oz. cup inexpensive at $20.

3. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

This 50ish dollar single-cup personal blender has limited blending power, especially when dealing with hot liquids. If you want to make “one cup” type drinks you might consider purchasing this cheap blender

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