When done right, juicing is a healthy way of getting nutrients into the body.

From easier digestion from drinking enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables and improved skin, it can help in weight loss too.

Juicers are the worst for juicing since it removes all the fibrous content of the greens. It is always a wise choice to use a blender for juicing.

Juicing with blender

Juicing is best done with a blender. Blenders pulverize the fiber of fruits and vegetables, releasing their nutrients into a smooth beverage that digests easily and absorbs quickly.

A good blender for juicing will help you to get all the pulp, something that is difficult to do in most juicers.

The best blender for juicing is a powerful one that can handle the tough fibers in greens and vegetables and fruit seeds.

This is an important factor when looking for the best blender for juicing since you want to ensure that all of your juice is fully extracted from the pulp.

The best blender for juicing will break down hard vegetables and fruits allowing your juice to be smooth with no pulp.

The best blender for juicing can also be used for mixing milkshakes, soups, salsas, sauces and dips.

Additionally, the best blenders will come with a variety of accessories like blending cups that can go on top of any blender for easy use.

What to look for when choosing a blender for juicing?

Several factors can affect the price of a blender.


The wattage is the main factor affecting the blender’s price.

It is best to get with a blender that has approximately 400 watts.

However, if you want the blender for juicing greens, then you may want to look for one with higher wattage, powerful enough to extract juice from tough vegetables and fruits.


The best blenders will have stainless steel blades. This feature ensures that you don’t have to worry about rusting.


The best blenders will have a strong base, but one that is small enough to fit on a kitchen counter.


The jar of the blender should be made of durable plastic that is dishwasher safe.

It should also have a safety locking mechanism to not come apart during use and prevent accidents.

You’ll also want to look for BPA(Bisphenol A) free. BPA is a plastic chemical associated with health problems.

The best blender for juicing should also come with acceptable warranties in case your best blender has any defects.

12 best blenders for juicing:

  1. Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender
  2. Nutri Ninja Pro BL450
  3. Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional Grade, Self-Cleaning
  4. Waring WSB50U Commercial Quality Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Single Auger Low Speed Juicer and Blender
  5. Hamilton Beach (54122) Smoothie Smart Blender
  6. Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost
  7. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender
  8. Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)
  9. Blendtec Designer Series
  10. Vitamix 750
  11. Bamix Pro Power
  12. Cuisinart CSB-75 Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender

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